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Caspar is a small unincorporated village on the north coast of California. Caspar's cluster of houses huddles together for protection from the storms and big ocean. Caspar is practically invisible to folks whizzing past along Highway One -- a steeple (now the Jewish Community Center), a schoolhouse (now the Community Center) and the remnants of a thriving turn-of-the-century mill town. Caspar (pop. 500+/-) lies between Fort Bragg, our local ‘big town’ and Mendocino, the tourist destination. Caspar is blessed with two perfect beaches, a community center, a bar, a shul, businesses, and a strong sense of place. At least wave when you drive by!


If you want to be universal,
sing your village.
Leo Tolstoy   

Califonia: North Coast Where’s Caspar?

Caspar's Wall of Fame
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NEW! 1939 Log Chute Big Splash video

CasparFest at Caspar Community Center on Sunday, July 21, from noon to 8 pm. Music, dancing, marketplace, food, & drinks. Benefits Caspar Community.
Join us for CasparFest 2024 on Sunday, July 21st,
from noon to sunset
at the Caspar Community Center.

Music includes Tropiqueño, Whiskey Wristwatch, Gwyneth & Angie, The Old Growth Jazz Club, & more. Youth performances, food, bar, vendor & non-profit booths, & a cupcake walk!
Admission free, donations encouraged.
Volunteers needed: or 707.964.4997.
Info & schedule:

icn_facebookCaspar Community Center, an historic schoolhouse in the heart of a peaceful rural village on California's scenic north coast, is available for conferences, events, meetings, and classes.

15051 Caspar Road - box 84
Caspar, California 95420
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We rigorously comply with Mendocino County's Covid-19 directives. We are thrilled to announce that these directives now allow us to gather with care!

Caspar Community* governs itself by consensus according to its mission statement,
To Preserve and Protect the Quality of All Life in Caspar.”

We value resiliency and inclusion – if you think you are a Caspar, you are!

We are working from a hundred-year plan and expect to keep on doing what we keep on doing for a very long time.
A society grows great
when old ones plant trees

in whose shade
they shall never sit.

Greek proverb

Governance is managed by the Caspar Community, Inc. Board. The Board meets on first and third Fridays at 9:30am.

To submit a comment, email
* a 501(c)3 community benefit corporation, EIN 94-3321996

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