Caspar Hall of Fame
People we know named Caspar
Caspar Viereckel
Caspar Viereckel

Apex Mountain, British Columbia

Caspar Lant
Caspar Lant
Brooklyn, New York

Caspar Peter Westpoint Hird

aged 8 in 2006
Petersfield, Hampshire, UK

Caspar von Galen, 2006
Caspar von Galen
Potsdam, Germany

Kaspar von Erffa, 2006
Kaspar von Erffa
(Caspar von Galen's step-father)
Potsdam, Germany

Caspar Urban
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Caspar Sebastian Szameit
born 24 March 2005
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

Caspar Francis
Caspar Francis
Trowbridge, Wilts., UK
Caspar Floris Van Den Berg, 1999
Caspar Floris Van Den Berg
London, UK

Caspar Lombaers
Caspar Lombaers

Eindhoven, Holland

Caspar Urban Weber, 2004
Caspar Urban Weber
Vienna, Austria

Caspar Diederik
Matera, Basilicata, Italy
Caspar Weinberger
Caspar Weinberger 1918-2006

19th Secretary of Defense
under Ronald Reagan

Caspar Adam Surrell
born 29 December 2011
Montpelier, Vermont
2011    2017
Caspar Green
Caspar Green

Jay, New York

Caspar Wanders

Velp, The Netherlands

Thais Caspar, 2006
Thais Caspar
São Paulo, Brazil

Caspar Stracke, 2007
Caspar Stracke

New York

Caspar Dorland
aged 18 months
Zevenaar, the Netherlands

Caspar Poyck
Senior Director of Operations / Co-Founder
Flying Embers, Ojai, California

Caspar Ellis Vanooteghem-Willems
Caspar Ellis

Rotselaar, Belgium
Caspar\'s son Caspar
Caspar Weinberger, Jr.

record and video producer

Caspar Nelson
Marketing Executive, Newcastle Under Lyme, UK

Caspar von Hofmansthal
London, England
Caspar Wallersteiner
Caspar Wallersteiner
Dorset, England
in Bhutan with monastery cat Chimi

Caspar Henry Llewelyn Morgan
aged 7 in 2010 (born 19 Dec 2002)
Isleworth, Middlesex, England

Caspar "Cap" Wallrich
on board Addikiss the mule
Cecil, Wisconsin
Cap's Grandaddy was also named Caspar

Adrian Caspar
Adrian Caspar

Redfern, Australia

Caspar Barth
Caspar Barth
Bjordal, Norway

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Jean-Paul Caspar
(b. 1947)
Aloïse Caspar (1894-1977)

discovered 4,000 meters
deep off Necker Island
in the North Pacific
in February, 2016

Caspar Fountain
Lake Forest, California
6 year old yellow Lab
Advanced Therapy Dog Degree
born in Caspar

Caspurr the kitten
Caspurr the kitten
lives with Kim Taylor

   It gets OUR goat when people mistakenly spell our town's name the same as the city in Wyoming.

The Caspar family

children of Hermann Oskar Caspar
geb. 30.03.1888 in Goldbach, Saxonia
and Auguste Anna Caspar
geb. Haaser, 29.10.1891

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