Local Coastal Plan

following up on the Sunday, May 19th Community Meeting, Caspar Community Board President Ariana writes:


Hello folks who signed in at yesterday's meeting and the Caspar Board!

Thanks to all who brought their curiosity and commitment to Caspar to this meeting. 
Please find resources below including the 3 study contracts and remaining Request for Proposals, in addition, the current LCP excerpt regarding Caspar area is attached. 

Next steps:

Paul Reiber will reach out to Dan Gjerde and Ted Willams (and Bernie Norvell?) and I will share the date of that meeting once it's set. 

Supervisor meeting goals: Caspar Board members and community members will

  1. Engage our local supervisors' support for Caspar's specific goals for the LCP studies and eventual updates & establish regular meetings and reporting with Supervisors.
  2. Ask for guidance regarding the establishment of a Municipal Advisory Council or other formal structure for representation of Caspar in county issues.

Josh will write up a summary of priorities for Caspar in regards to LCP update- to be a working document as more community members are involved in the discussion.

Ariana will continue to be a hub for communications and scheduling for this project! 

You: will check out the attached and linked below! Share the word and bring any comments or questions to any Caspar Community Board meeting: Fridays June 7 or June 21st at 9:30am. Stay tuned for updates and more times to connect.

Thank you again!

~ Ariana




Local Coastal Plan Update resources:

Local Meeting Notes

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