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How to help get the funding we need right now:
     Our budget item has survived the final legislative hurdle, with the specific language supporting Caspar intact.

Now we need to work on the Governor lest our measure fall to his big blue pencil. We need to write to the Governor NOW

... and ask your friends to write, too. Don't be afraid to speak from your heart.
     If you are writing from outside California, emphasize your ties with the state, and the importance of the Mendocino Coast's treasures to people from all over the world.
     At this time, we are told that it is best if we ask the Governor to support ALL of the projects on the Mendocino Coast with special attention to Caspar Headlands but also including Westport headlands, Glass Beach, and Albion headlands.

PenHand.gif - 173 Bytes Getting email to the Governor is problematic, and so I urge you to write him a short, persuasive letter, and send it out SOON. You should make some of the following points, but do not feel you must touch on all of them. Write what moves you. If you want to try email, try hometeam@ca.gov.

  • Support the $27 million augmentation of funds for the State Coastal Conservancy.
  • Nature is infrastructure. The Mendocino Coast is a treasure for Californians.
  • Open space is precious. The Caspar Headlands and riparian offer an unparalleled approach to the ocean from the forest and the highway for humans and other species.
  • Mendocino coastal land is under great development pressure, and if the purchase of these parcels, especially Caspar Headlands, are not funded NOW they will be sold and developed. The price is reasonable.
  • The proposed park bond will be too late, and its passage is uncertain. We need the Coastal Conservancy funding to be approved.

Be sure to include your full name, address,
and telephone number in your letter or fax.

To see how some of us have personalized our letters,
take a look at "great emails we have sent".

Governor Gray Davis (D)
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone (916) 445-2841
Fax (916) 445-4633
Governor Davis is a southern Californian and a career Sacramento politician with a committment to fiscal prudence, and so his blue pencil is a big threat to our projects. Remind him that natural resources are infrastructure of the most irreplaceable kind, and urge him to support open spaces, species diversity, and the natural attractions of California while the economy is hopeful.

Whatever you do, PLEASE remember
to get copies of whatever you send to us!

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