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Wade Gray's Invitation

You are invited to a meeting of the Caspar Community to discuss cohousing in Caspar.

A couple of years ago the owner of most of Caspar's land, the Caspar Cattle Company, announced it was offering the land up for sale. The community was given the opportunity to envision, plan, and create the town.

In the next years, the Caspar Community have done a great job of setting aside for preservation some sensitive and scenic lands: beach, headlands, creek banks. They've also been respectful and inclusive in the process, and they've kept alive the dialogue about the overall vision or plan for the town.

As I see it, now is the next phase: the time to plan and create the village, the heart of town. As I see it, this is an opportunity to make a town that will serve as an example to our nation, an example of how a town can work well for everyone, including the land and the non-human beings who live on it.

As I see it, a great way for humans to live on the land is in housing clusters with shared decisions and resources. Cohousing, that continuum which includes condominiums and communes and a lot of things in between, is working well throughout the world. I believe that a cohousing project belongs in Caspar, as an integral part of a larger vision of sustainable, enjoyable, beautiful community. I see a store, a bakery, a school teaching neolithic skills, photovoltaic power, a car-free zone, alternative transportation, a water system off the grid, kids roaming free and safe, people enjoying contact with people of all ages, houses built rationally and cheaply, and people deciding what and how much to share and keep private.

I believe that some of us can be living there in 3 to 5 years. I believe we could do this with smaller individual financial investments that would be required for more traditional single-family homes. I believe that the town of Caspar will one day be the site of one of several new local cohousing projects.

Are you interested in cohousing? Are you interested in the town of Caspar? If you answer yes to either if these, let's talk on January 9 at 3pm, at the Mendocino Coast Jewish Community Center (also known as the shul) in Caspar.

Wade Gray

written by Wade Gray for the Mendocino Beacon

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