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Caspar Community Meeting: February 2002

Caspar News and Press Releases

Caspar to get its community center

The next meeting of the Caspar Community will take place on Sunday, February 17th, at 3 p.m. in the old Caspar Schoolhouse. The schoolhouse will, in fact, be the main topic of discussion for the meeting, as the building is on its way to becoming a community center for Caspar.

Mike Dell'Ara, president of the Caspar Community, the village's home-grown non-profit, proudly announced that an agreement has been made that will allow for the purchase of the schoolhouse. In a short period of time, the building should be conveyed to the ownership of the Community. "We've been working very hard for more than a year to make this deal," said Dell'Ara, "and we firmly believe it is going to come together very quickly now."

Negotiations for transfer of the property have been complex. The entire deal will be explained and discussed at the meeting. Discussion will also touch on developing fund-raising and volunteer programs to make the community center viable and self-sustaining.

After the meeting attendees, residents or not, are invited to stay to eat and socialize. Judy Tarbell, long-time Caspar organizer, said, "Bring something pot-lucky, and be sure to bring plates and utensils. The schoolhouse is not yet well-equipped. Oh, and bring a chair or pillow! After the meeting, which should not be too long, we can explore the wonderful old building, break bread, and share laughter."

In planning the Sunday meeting, board member Meridian Green spoke of the long path the Caspar Community has taken. "Casparados have been dreaming of this building as a gathering place for several years now, knowing it was a major goal once the headlands had been secured. The State of California was the rainmaker for the headlands and beach project, and we heaved a huge sigh of relief when that happened. Now, thanks to incredibly generous neighbors and the enthusiasm of the community, we've got a down payment for the building, and we have to figure out how to make our own rain for the center. We need to make it part of our 100-year plan, but the clock may already be ticking when folks read this."

written by Jerry Juhl for the Mendocino Beacon, 14 February 2002

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