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Caspar Community Meeting: June 1999

Caspar News and Press Releases

Community Meeting to Discuss Ag & Water

After a successful benefit brunch and auction held last Sunday at the Albion River Inn, the Caspar Community continues to work toward a shared vision of their village's future. The auction gathered many friends of Caspar, and raised money and consciousness to support the acquisition of the village's headlands and riparian. While the receipts are being tallied and the postcards to Governor Davis are mailed, Patty Madigan, a founding member of the Caspar Community board, said "I want to express heartfelt appreciation to Pat and Dale Ackley, auctioneer Kelly Peterson, and to Peter Wells of the Albion River Inn, on behalf of Caspar. Your generous help enables us to continue our demanding work. The Caspar Community wants to give all supporters a 'proper thanks' as soon as we organize the long list of contributors."

At the brunch, nearly one hundred postcards were written to Governor Davis in support of the California Coastal Conservancy's four proposed coastal acquisitions, which have been funded by the legislature, but not yet signed into law. Michael Potts, another Caspar resident, told the gathering, "Starting in Caspar, with our conservation partners we have initiated enthusiasm that has reached all the way to Sacramento for preserving open space all along our coast. While we should congratulate ourselves, we must also keep working until the task is completed." For more information on the campaign to convince the Governor, Potts noted that the Caspar village website, may be helpful.

The next regular Caspar Community Meeting takes place at 3 pm this Sunday, June 13, at the Mendocino Coast Jewish Community Center in downtown Caspar. The next stage of the community's work focuses on the future of agricultural open-space and planning issues related to soils and water. Residents and friends are invited to share their concerns and ideas for agriculture and limited development. Earlier this week, local organic gardening expert Kerry Marshall and Carl Rittiman, an environmental consultant and designer of water and septic systems, examined Caspar's land-use and made some initial recommendations. Their comments will serve as the springboard for Sunday's discussion.

Also at the meeting, Caspar Community Board members Judy Tarbell and Michael Potts will give a report on their trip to Sacramento, where they met with legislators and their aides to steward the budget process toward a generous appropriation for Mendocino coastal access and open-space. Tarbell said "It is not too late to write to the Governor and urge him to approve the supplemental budget for the Coastal Conservancy. Our representatives in Sacramento told us that the Governor needs to hear from us how important this matter is to the welfare of all of us along the coast."

The community will also plan the proposed Fourth of July Beach Picnic at Caspar Beach following the Mendocino Parade.

The Caspar Community meets every second Sunday of the month at the Mendocino Coast Jewish Community Center in Caspar, and maintains an office in Caspar. For more information, contact the community by email at or on their website.

written by Patty Madigan & Michael Potts for Mendocino Beacon

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