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Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

Caspar Bulletin Board

Weekly Gathering:

Judy Tarbell hosts a weekly virtual Caspar Conversation on Monday nights at 7 pm. Let us know if you'd like to receive an invitation.


Local Food:

Mendo Lake Food Hub is now offering delivery for individuals at Caspar Community Center. Order between 7 am Wednesday and 7 am Thursday for delivery pick up on Friday between 2 and 3 pm. Minimum order is $65. In the order notes, write 'pick up at CCC.' Pick up from the parking lot, toward the South front porch. Stay in your car, or at a distance if you walk or bike, and Food Hub volunteers will deliver your box. Find out more and sign up at


Caspar Bulletin Board
a message from Lisa Weg:

The new Caspar Bulletin Board is an opportunity to share goods, services, mutual support, humor, and creative thinking with friends and neighbors. The platform is free and easy to navigate, your email address will remain private, and nobody's inbox will be flooded with messages. Particularly during this time of social distancing and travel restrictions, the bulletin board is a way to reach out to each other, share what we can, and continue to build community.

The definition of a CasparadX is one of affiliation rather than geography. Invite your friends and neighbors to participate, but keep it coastal. The intention of the bulletin board is neighbors helping neighbors.

The Caspar Bulletin Board is hosted on DelphiForums and can be accessed here:

The registration process has been a little glitchy for some users, so please read these instructions through before you begin. It is possible to browse the bulletin board as a guest, but you will not be able to participate until you've registered an account with DelphiForums.

1. Using the link above, register with DelphiForums by creating your own Membername and Password. Try to choose a Membername (one word, no spaces) that identifies you to your neighbors, but if the name you want is already in use, you can add a nickname later under My Preferences.

2. Uncheck the save password box when you start the registration process, and write down your Membername and Password so that you can type them in the next time you log on. You can save your password in Delphi's system after you've completed your registration.

3. When you register, DelphiForums will send a confirmation code via email, and you will need this to complete the process. If you don't receive the code, check your spam or bounce folder before trying again. Adding to your address book before you start the registration process may help ensure that Delphi's message shows up in your inbox.

4. After you've registered, log out and log back in, this time checking the save password box, and bookmark It's not necessary to log out of the forum each time you use it. Just close the window and use the same URL to return.

5. On the right side, just under the colorful banner is a Follow button. Use this to select how frequently (or if) you want email alerts. Following the forum (our Bulletin Board) will make navigation a little easier. If you find yourself lost on the DelphiForums website, click the star in the top right corner, and select Caspar Bulletin Board from the My Forums or the Favorite Forums list.

6. In the upper right corner above the colorful banner, is the my account menu (where you can upload a photo). Add a nickname in the My Preferences section so that your neighbors know who they're talking to. Select the Update button next to the nickname field.

7. Under DISCUSSIONS (left column), you can toggle back and forth between All and Unread messages. These are organized by category. In the Forum Development category, there are more instructions, some questions and tips. The bulletin board is a work in progress so please feel free to participate in this discussion.

If you have difficulty registering for the Caspar Bulletin Board, try contacting Lisa at or contact

Lisa Weg


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