Caspar Community Steering Committee Meeting :: 12 June 1998

Vince, Judy, Ken, Mike, Michael, Peter, Hunter, Patty at Ken's. Joe Curren facilitating. A planned 3-hour meeting.

Acquisition subcommittee
     Peter reported: confidence we should and would acquire rights for the Caspar Cattle Company lands. The subcommittee sees the need for three components, Open space / parkland held by a non-profit or ultimately by a state agency; Community Service district created electorally, holding some land, and funded by assessments and bonds; and a holding company for developable land, financed by investors. Fund-raising will be different in each case. Judy noted that electoral realignment would be desirable.

Planning Subcomittee
     Vince talked with Professor R. Hester, and would again today. Their meeting (minutes below) concluded that the Hester group should be retained, and would accept the original $17,000 to $20,000 for the redefined work. An initial meeting with Hester, assistants, and the steering committee meeting could be held on 18 June. At the time framework and time-frame, authority, contact, and a letter of agreement should be concluded.

     Vince moved, Patty seconded, and it was unanimously approved that the draft budget be approved as amended:

preliminary CC fiscal 1998-9 budget
$25,000 Community Coordinator Actual salary in the range $24,000 - $48,000 per annum, determined at hiring, determined by availability, experience, and qualifications. Prefer that the Coordinator work as an independent contractor.
23,000 Community Plan Development per pending agreement with Professor R. Hester and his graduate students from University of California at Berkeley
11,000 Consultants accountant, legal expenses, engineering, facilitation
9,000 Printing & mailings newsletter, fundraising actual amount dependent on extent of mailings
6,000 Office, phone, website, utilities, insurance Office space in Caspar, telephone and website charges, electricity, heating fuel as required. Directors, Officers and Coordinator indemnity
2,500 Supplies
2,500 Computer and printer
21,000 Contingencies


     Vince moved, Patty seconded, and it was unanimously approve to endorse the agreement proposed by his subcommittee (appended below) to retain Hester and his group to perform the next steps of a preliminary Community Design;

Sunday's Community Agenda
     We agreed to split the items amongst ourselves and set times. Joe Curren would facilitate as sergeant at arms as necessary. The agenda agreed upon:
Sunday 14 June 1998 Agenda
Overview Judy Tarbell 10 minutes
Mission and Vision Patty Madigan 10 minutes
Community Coordinator Mike Dell'Ara 15 minutes
Planning Vince Taylor 15 minutes
Alternatives for acquiring
Rights to CCC Lands

a 10 minute break

Meridian Green
(subject to her acceptance)
15 minutes
Preservation Vince Taylor 15 minutes
Budget Patty Madigan 15 minutes
Funding Michael Potts 10 minutes

Fund Raising
     Michael moved that a fund-raising subcommittee be formed; Ken second; unanimously passed. Michael, Vince, and Meridian were volunteered, some by themselves. An amended form was approved for distribution at the Sunday meeting; future campaigns were discussed.

Gorse Festival
     It was generally agreed that we need a celebration. Maybe we need to plan it. Many are away in August, September is crowded, and so possibly the second Sunday in October would work. Michael will include in his fund-raising report on Sunday.

respectfully submitted by Michael Potts

Planning Subcommittee Minutes 9 June 1998 Meeting

The subcommitte of Peter Wells, Judy Tarbell, and Vince Taylor met on Tuesday, June 9 to develop a recommendation on how to proceed with development of a village plan.

The feeling of the subcommitte is that a viable solution for an acceptable future for Caspar will involve three elements: a Community Services District, separate government or philanthropic funding for preservation of the coastal lands, and commercial implementation of a Community Development Plan.

We recommend that Randy Hester be requested to create a Community Development Plan.

We agreed on the following recommendations (expanded slightly here by me, so they are subject to revision by other members of the subcommittee):

1. All development plans should preserve as open spaces a) the headlands, beach, and riparian area, b) the field around the school and Shul, and c) the pond and its surroundings.

2. Randy will use the plans created by the students together with the feedback that he has received from the community to develop three alternative plans. The plans would vary in the scale of development and the kind of development (e.g., commercial, tourist, residential, retirement, low income). The idea would be to provide people with elements and scale to which they could react. A rough economic analysis would be made of each of these plans, just enough to give a feeling for the range of costs that would be involved. [My comment: we ought also to use our local connections to develop a sense of the time scales involved in implementing these alternatives.]

3. Randy will make a presentation of the plans at a community meeting. The meeting would set the stage for an intensive effort to expose the plans to everyone in the community, via neighborhood meetings and a door to door campaign. Randy would develop a format for soliciting responses to the plans. The student would be the person responsible for collecting the response information, working in cooperation with the steering committee and volunteers.

4. Based on the feedback collected together with a consideration of economic factors, a refined Community Development Plan will be developed by Randy. The refined plan should be one which appears to be economically viable and acceptable to the community.

Randy responses:

Need to go over details, and people in authority need to agree on specifics. Will e-mail to Randy for comments and response. Time frame when it gets spread out will be more costly. Susannah will not be available during July, will return in August. Schedule as soon as possible meeting to agree on framework. During July, have students work on alternative plans under Randy's guidance. Andy Keller would help with plan development. Presentation to community in early August. Hopefully by then, Community Coordinator would be available to work with Susannah. Given this schedule, thinks his cost estimate is okay. Will fax this to Randy at 510 549-9431. He will get back his responses by fax to me at 707 964-7520 before meeting on Friday.

respectfully submitted by Vince Taylor

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