Caspar Community Fund Drive

Caspar, September 9th, 1998
     In well-attended public meetings between August 1997 and the present, The Community has clearly expressed a need to preserve our headlands and work toward controlling the holdings of the Caspar Cattle Company, which are in many ways the heart of Caspar. For a full history of these meetings, please read the summary available on the Caspar Planning page.
     The Steering Committee, selected by the Community Meetings, has begun an exciting and demanding process to make the wishes of Caspar's people come true. We need to find out what we really wish for, so we need a plan. And we need a Community Coordinator to help us.
     Like all ambitious plans, time and money are needed to accomplish this work. We are fortunate to live in a generous community, and already, less than a month after announcing our fund drive, a number of Caspar residents have pledged more than $20,000, or 40% of this year's funding needs. (If you'd like to know what the funds are for, take a look at the preliminary budget.)

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Thank you, Generous Donors
Jane Kroesch & Ken Craig
Jerry and Susan Juhl
Vince and Sunshine Taylor
Rochelle Elkan & Michael Potts
Jeff & Mary Kraut
Jim & Judy Tarbell
Kenneth & Shirley Clark
Mike & Ruth Dell'Ara
Susan Keller
Jan Boyd
Patty Madigan
Dennis Bright
Lyles & Geraldine Pember
Star Decker
Pamela Hunter
Meridian Green
Ginny Wade
Stuart Tregoning
Donna Norris
Bette Goldfarb
Dean Stephens
Sally Stevens
Penelope Simpson
Rick Childs
Mr & Mrs Thomas Britton

     If you are ready to join this group of Caspar Supporters, please go to the on-line Pledge Form and add your support. For the next month, we have an unusual opportunity: a matching agreement from two of our generous supporters: for each dollar you pledge, they will also pledge a dollar.Please help us meet our 1998 goal by pledging!

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Caspar Community Fund PLEDGE FORM

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