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Fri, Dec 11: Pub Night
Thu, Dec 31: New Years Party
Fri, Jan 1: CC Board
Fri, Jan 8: Pub Night
Sun, Jan 24: Breakfast

Fri, Dec 4: Board Meeting
Fri, Dec 18: Board Mtg

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Caspar is a small village on the north coast of California. Caspar's cluster of houses huddles together for protection from the storms and big ocean. Caspar is practically invisible to folks whizzing past along Highway One -- a church steeple (now the Jewish Community Center), a schoolhouse (now the Community Center) and the remnants of a thriving turn-of-the-century mill town. Caspar (pop. 500+/-) lies between Fort Bragg, our local "big town" and Mendocino, the tourist destination. Caspar is blessed with two perfect beaches, a community center, a bar, a shul, art galleries, businesses, and a strong sense of place. At least wave when you drive by!

Caspar Community Center, an historical schoolhouse in the heart of a peaceful rural village on California's scenic north coast is available for conferences, events, meetings, and classes.

15051 Caspar Road - box 84
Caspar, California 95420

Caspar Community, stubbornly and proudly unincorporated, governs itself by consensus, valuing inclusion -- if you think you are a Caspar, you are! -- and sustainability: we are working on a hundred-year plan and expect to keep on doing what we keep on doing for a very long time.

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